• Meter Gadget 345700
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Tester Temp pH Meter Meter Gadget EC Digital Conductivity. Place probe end into fluids, aquariums, hydroponics, pools, and so forth
Measures the pH amplifier EC conductivity amp TEMPERATURE of answer
Switch among temperature devices �� �
Large and clear FLAT SCREEN with backlight, easy to read
Program will instantly adjust intended for temperature payment
Easy adjusted of ph level and EC with included mini electric screwdriver
ATC Electrode probe can be taken off and changed.

Selection pH zero. 00 16. 00pH
EC 0. 00 19990us centimeter
Temperature 50�� 70�� 58� 158�
Resolution ph level 0. 01pH, EC 10us cm
Heat 0. 1�� 0. 2�
Precision pH zero. 1pH, EC 2F. H
Temperature 1�� 2�
Temperature Payment 0�� 50�� 32� 122�
Operating temperature 0�� 50�� 32� 122�
Battery 4�1. 5V AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT 13 Switch Cell Electric batteries not Included
Item Size 188 by 40 times 40mm
Item Weight seventy five. 7g
Bundle Weight 158g
Power Supply POWER 6V a few AG13 electric batteries not included.

Meter Gadget 345700

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