• Meter Gadget 345679
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Tester Sound Pressure Meter Meter Level Gadget Digital Decibel. Mic 1 two Electret Fondre microphone nbsp
Quickly and sluggish dynamic feature modes
Quickly rate to get the current studying
Slow rate to grab the browsing of typical within you second
Optimum value keeping function to lock up the most reading
Car power away design intended for energy saving
Low battery indicator
Overload Indicator OVER BELOW nbsp
Level Varies 30 80dB, 50 100dB, 60 110dB, 80 130dB 30 130dB nbsp
Bar Chart 50 die bahn scale in 1 deutsche bahn step nbsp
Precision 1 . 5dB under research conditions
Measuring Level 30 130dB A thirty-five 130dB C
Rate of recurrence Range thirty-one. 5Hz to eight. 5KHz
Linearity Range 50dB 100dB
Regularity Weighting A nbsp
Digital Screen 4 numbers
Resolution zero. 1dB
Personal Calibration Period 3sec
Sample Rate twice seconds
AIR CONDITIONING UNIT Signal Result 0. 707Vrms full pub graph, result impedance is all about 600ohm
POWER Signal End result 10mV die bahn, output impedance is about 100ohm
Power Supply 4x AA electric batteries or POWER 6V 100mA.

Meter Gadget 345679

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